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Major Appeals and Big Gift Fundraising



'Light and Inspiration' capital transformation

The emphasis with this client was on bringing know-how and capacity to their small in-house team. We undertook prospect identification, developed the fundraising strategy, prepared applications and led on personal approaches to major donors.  Covid-19 occurred within the first year and we had to adapt rapidly to the evolving situation. 

Project objective: address urgent repairs to Grade II* art gallery and create the most welcoming and accessible art gallery between London and St Ives. 

Project target: £3.8m

Original fundraising target:£3.8m

Status: £3.8m exceeded - fundraising continues to new target of £4.1m due to cost increases brought about by pandemic and supply chain issues.

"Nancy is wonderful to work with: incredibly knowledgeable about fundraising, providing efficient and effective support with every aspect of running a campaign, as well as with donor relationship development. Her calm, wise and always good humoured guidance has been invaluable, especially at stressful moments, and I'm so grateful to have had her 'in our corner' over recent months. I genuinely can't think of anyone I'd recommend more highly."

Alison Bevan, Director, RWA


St Peter's Hospice.png

A 21st century Inpatient Unit for Bristol's only adult hospice

Often our clients know exactly what they want to achieve, they just require the know-how and capacity to make a strategic jump.

We worked with the St Peter's Hospice team for two years leading on the feasbility, strategic plan, Appeal Committee, branding and materials to writing model trust applications, implementing a new major giving programme, donor reognition and naming opportunities and the public appeal.  The end result is truly spectacular.

Objective:  Build a 21st century In-Patient Unit for Bristol's only adult hospice.

Project cost: £6.5m

Fundraising target: £2.5m

Outcome: Fundraising appeal completed on time and below budget. Inpatient unit opened November 2018, as planned.

“Embarking upon a major Capital Appeal can be daunting. It was clear from the start that Nancy has considerable experience of this arena and she certainly helped us to formulate a plan that delivered. On a personal basis, I appreciated the fact that Nancy was never afraid to challenge our thinking or ask difficult questions”.

Roger Childs, Commercial Director


doing work together

Strategic review of Philanthropy Programme

In this case, the client came to us with an established programme that needed some external challenge which we were happy to provide.

After reviewing existing activities using qualitative and quantitative data, we could see huge potential for growing the charity's philanthropic income.  We worked closely with team members through workshops and one-to-ones to agree immediate and longer-term plans. 

Objective:  To conduct a full audit of the Philanthropy Programme and develop a strategy for growth

Target: Grow income from £500k pa to £2m pa in 5 years

Outcome: Audit and fundraising plan completed on time and on budget, January 2019. 

“Nancy worked closely with the team to review the existing programme, its strengths, weaknesses and untapped potential. Nancy's first-hand experience as a Major Donor and Trust fundraiser along with her fantastic coaching and collaborative style really helped bring the team on board. The team really owned the outputs and we now have a Philanthropy Strategy and a set of priorities that the team believe in and are committed to. It has been an absolute pleasure working with Nancy”.

Justin Wylie, Head of Fundraising



Secure a permanent home in London

We approached this project carefully, listening to our clients needs as we moved from capital to revenue and back to capital fundraising as their needs changed.

Capital appeal objective: Secure permanent home for theatre school

Project Target: £24m

Fundraising target: £2.5m

Completed and opened Sept 2018

“Nancy and Judith are insightful and incisive. When we appointed them, Mountview had a fundraising strategy which they quickly adapted and actioned. They moved seamlessly between capital and revenue fundraising as our needs changed. Their advice and support has proved invaluable.”

Matthew Turnbull, Commercial Director



Creation of a new museum

As a new charity with a bold ambition, the fundraising challenges were manifold: establishing new and significant donors relationships, a realistic strategy and recruiting and embedding a fundraising team.

Objective: a new attraction to recognise Bristol's contribution to Aerospace and provide a home for Concorde and the Bristol Aero Collection.

Project target: £14m

Fundraising target: £5m

Outcome: Completed and opened to the public April 2017

“Nancy came to us highly recommended and did not fail to deliver, working with us to develop our fundraising strategy, contact database and appointment of permanent staff. For several years we worked together towards a successful major bid to the Heritage Lottery Fund and with several large corporate and trust funders. I would not hesitate to recommend to others requiring both strategic and practical fundraising services.” 

Lloyd Burnell, Project Director

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